IMRadio is happy to announce that we are under new ownership!
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    20 March 2013

    To All IMRadio Artists, Listeners, and Supporters:

    IMRadio is happy to announce that we are under new ownership. Paddy Noonan, IMRadio’s Founder, will continue his role as IMRadio’s Chief Evangelist and Promoter.

    What does this change mean for the Artists and Listeners of

    As IMRadio’s new owners, we will continue to run the site, and continue to offer artists a unique platform to share their music with our active groups of listeners. And yes, IMRadio will continue to be free for artists to upload songs and for listeners to enjoy them. In addition, we expect to greatly expand the online and industry visibility of IMRadio and increase the services available to our community.

    While the ink is barely dry on the deal, we have already made significant changes to provide an improved user experience and position IMRadio for growth and a long successful future.

    * Starting today, IMRadio is now operating in a cloud based environment including a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) powered by industry leader Akami. Faster servers and a more robust platform means IMRadio will operate better, deliver content quicker, and be much easier to scale for future growth. Please note that the changes we have made in the past few days to IMRadio’s infrastructure could take up to 72 hours to be fully available throughout the world.

    * Our new platform now supports audio encoding at the rate of up to 325kbs, the highest audio quality of any online Indie music service. Please re-visit and listen to your song catalog on IMRadio. If you have any concerns about the sound quality of a song you have on IMRadio, we suggest re-uploading the song using the highest quality original file possible.

    * We know you have wanted to take IMRadio with you and have had issues with the player working on mobile devices. Starting today, IMRadio is launching a new, more mobile friendly player. The new music player on the Home page will eliminate the previous pop-up player, and will continue to feature location / genre selection or randomized song play. The new player on the Artist Profile page will now only play that artist’s songs, an often requested suggestion from IMRadio artists and listeners. If you want to re-create IMRadio’s ability to continuously play songs while you browse other sections of the site, simply open another tab in your web browser. Please note that if you do this, there might be a situation where two players are running at the same time.

    * Starting today, IMRadio has a new online Help center. Customer / Technical Support tickets, online tracking, and live chat support will all be part of IMRadio’s improved user experience. The email address is now tied into our new Help center.

    * We have replaced IMRadio’s User Forum with a new application. The previous forum had security issues, was not fully compatible with today’s webserver frameworks, and had not kept pace with the new features and functions users expect in an online forum. Unfortunately we were not able to move the content from the old forum to the new one, but a clean slate is always a great place for a fresh start.
    In the coming weeks we will be adding features for easier sharing of your music to social networks, the ability to advertise your events and shows, and a beta version of our new mobile application. We also will be adding a new blog where we will profile many of the bands in our system, and include reviews of products used for music production.

    In the coming months we will be making major changes to the site including better tools for managing your profiles and interacting with your fans. This will include a vastly improved online store for purchasing and selling artist merchandise. We also will be implementing a new look and feel for the site that will be easier to use, and cleaner in how it works.

    Through the course of the year we will be offering more ways to turn your music into money. We believe in the artists on this site and plan to prove that by helping the best among you to further and profit from your music career.

    In closing we would like to tell all of you that we hope to make the best place for unsigned artists to profile their passion for making great music, sharing it with their fans, and finding new fans. While we can make the site a much better place to put your music, it will be up to all of you to make the community work. We are excited to see the community grow, and hope you will work with us by telling your friends and family about the great music here. Going forward to make IMRadio better, as we make changes we may have some things that break. While we will do everything we can to limit this impact, we do ask that you let us know if something is not working, so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

    Lee Lemon

    Lee Pomerantz

    Paddy Noonan

  • Cool, looking forward to the new updates. Cliff Gundersen
  • Sounds Amazing!! I <3 IMRadio :)
  • Thanks Cliff,
    we are having little issues at the moment, but are working to get them fixed as soon as possible!!!