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  • IMRadio
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  • IMRadio News
    This is where will inform you of everything new going on with the company or the site.
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  • IMRadio Feature Requests
    got a cool idea, want to see something new, missing an old feature we have gotten rid of... post it here, and maybe one of our developers will build it just for you..... That's how cool you are, and how much we love you.
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  • Market Place
    got stuff to sell. Post it here. Stuff you want to buy. Post it here.
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  • For Sale
    1 discussion 2 commentsMost recent: Line 6 Mm4 Modulation Stomp Box Modeler… by IMRadioApril 2013
  • Wanted
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  • Trading and Barter
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  • Song Writing
    Great place to look for help composing a great song.
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  • Events and Shows
    add all your upcoming shows here... also a great place to add festivals. We will from time to time pick up events from here and advertise the shows to the entire community. If you have graphics even better.... providing a 300x250 px image it will greatly speed the addition to our ad platform and increase chances of some free advertising!
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  • Promoting
    Great place to promot yourself, or find a promoter, or share your promotional needs.
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  • Promoters Only
    Only IMRadio Approved Promoters can add content here... Everyone can read though so if you are looking for a promoter this is the spot.
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  • Gig Stories
    Sometimes being on the road going to a gig, can be a real hassle... Sometimes the weirdest funnest things occur. Tell the worl all the best / worst stories of your gigs.
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  • General
    General discussions
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  • Instruments
    Guitars, Keyboard Bass, Drums, Brass, or whatever odd but cool device you use to produce sweet sounds.
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  • Electronics
    If it requires batteries, or a plug, it requires a lot of know how and experience. The exchange of knowledge happens here.
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